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Antisocial Shark Bandana

Pink House Pups

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Shark dog bandana
black and blue shark bandana
Antisocial Shark Bandana
Antisocial Shark Bandana
shark bandana black
Antisocial Shark Bandana

Ok, so these sharks don't exactly look antisocial, but let's just go with it for now.

Shark bandanas have been a great seller since I put together my first incarnation last summer. Say hello to the fifth version! The bright blues and crisp white really jump against the inky black background, and I'm loving how good it looks on our black&white dog. (Images coming soon).

On the reverse side, get lost in a watery swirl of deep blues, black and white. It's as if a paint brush was dipped in all the colors and swished across the fabric, making a really cool effect that totally suits these sharks.

Each bandana is made from 100% cotton and hand-crafted in Charleston, SC.

After a day of play, toss them in the washing machine like you would your own clothes!