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Fox Dog Bandana

Pink House Pups

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dog bandana with fox
red and yellow dog bandana
Fox Dog Bandana
Fox Dog Bandana
Fox Dog Bandana


The fox bandana is both dapper and whimsical. Orangey-red foxes leap across a deep butter-yellow background in pairs. Little white details illustrate their fluffy tails and leaf doodles add highlights.

Flip the bandana over to sport neat and tidy stripes in white and orange, over a red that matches the foxes perfectly.

We love these colors on most any coat color, it looks especially cute on our white Jack mix, Codi. (Pics coming of Codi!)

Each bandana is made from 100% cotton and hand-crafted in Charleston, SC.

After a day of play, toss them in the washing machine like you would your own clothes!