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KID'S Fabric Face Masks

Pink House Pups

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KID'S Fabric Face Masks
KID'S Fabric Face Masks
KID'S Fabric Face Masks
KID'S Fabric Face Masks

My kid-sized face masks are constructed exactly the same as the adult sized version.

One size fits kids ages approx. 5 - 10/11 years old.

Made of 3 layers of 100% cotton fabric, known as “quilting cotton”. You’ll find a pocket within the pleats on the reverse side, where either a paper mask or other filter may be inserted (optional). They also contain wire for shaping over the nose.

The ties are very stretchy and soft. The top two should go over your ears and be secured first (ideally somewhat high on the back of your head) followed by the bottom set around your jaw or below your ears. Whatever is comfortable and feels secure. See last images for demo.

WASH YOUR MASK BEFORE YOU WEAR IT. I have taken care to wash my hands whenever I step away from and back to my work, and we are a healthy (gratefully) household, but please wash anyway. The masks are machine washable and dryable, just like your clothes. You may also choose to wash them by hand and lay flat to dry. You’ll notice it will probably come out a bit rumpled, so it will need to be ironed back into crisp shape.



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