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Peach and Plaid Dog Bandana

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Peach and Plaid Dog Bandana
Peach and Plaid Dog Bandana
Peach and Plaid Dog Bandana
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Summer is unofficially here and the South Carolina peaches are coming! This celebration of summer is paired with a pretty plaid of peach, orange, yellow, cream and turquoise. Picture you and your pupper visiting gardens and farmers markets this summer trotting around in your peach and fresh mint colored wardrobe.

This bandana would look fabulous on most any dog, but especially black, white and shades of brown. Think how cute a fuzzy Corgi booty would be sporting peaches!!!

Each bandana is made from 100% cotton and hand-crafted in Charleston, SC.

After a day of play, toss them in the washing machine like you would your own clothes! 

Teacup 4-6ish" under 6lbs Papillon, Tiny Dachshunds
XS 8-11"  7-14lbs Yorkie, Dachsund, Chihuahua
S 12-15" 15-25lbs King Charles, Mini Schnauzer, Westie
S'med 15-17" 26-45lbs Boykin Spaniel, Beagle, Corgi
M 17-19" 46-65ishlbs Boxer, Pittie
L 19" + over 70lbs German Shepherd, Golden, Great Pyrenees, larger Lab